A week in review

This week was a busy one. I learnt so much about applying UX in a advertising & branding campaign project.

It’s really strange, because sometimes it does seem like UX is only applicable to the web, but that’s really the wrong way to think about it. Experience is in everywhere (just like math and science is everywhere). In principle, we have similar types of shared experiences, but no two human beings experience something exactly the same, memory for memory, interaction for interaction.

This explanation about UX from Single Grain sums it up:

UX, short for user experience, is a multidisciplinary approach that attempts to identify the way users feel about using (or anticipating using) a product, system or service, in order to manipulate these reactions.  Though most people referring to UX think of the process in terms of design work – for example, whether the look and feel of a web page design creates a positive impression on visitors – it may also encompass conducting market research, running split tests on proposed changes and analyzing data.

But at its core, UX is about understanding the way something makes users feel, as it is these feelings that provoke users to action.


Other links I found that helped me with applying UX in marketing:





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