Today I’ve been some research and work into landing pages. Instead of just elements on a page, I’ve tried to look into the psychology behind landing pages from a user’s perspective.

Reminded me the Hook model. Below is an example of Facebook as explained by the Hook model. Very simply put, to get someone to do something and over again, you need a clear trigger, action, reward and investment.


Here is an interesting article about applying the Hook Model to internal emails: http://bananatag.com/hub/internal-comms/3-ways-to-apply-the-hook-model-to-internal-email/

Tips I found useful about landing page design:

1. Avoid distractions!
2. Make sure your links and CTAs are recognizable
3. Keep your design simple
4. Create user-friendly forms
5. Get serious about landing page copy
6. Ensure your landing page message matches your ad
7. Create a great experience after the landing page


Testing it would also be really helpful to provide feedback and thus help designers optimise it further: https://instapage.com/what-is-landing-page-optimization-chapter-10

I also did some benchmarking today and I decided to read more about it as a process, links below.

A lovely guide on benchmarking by Userzoom:

Reasons to benchmark:

Other stuff I’ve read about today:



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