Usability testing over Skype

This week I have more things on my plate to think about, but for now I’ll document what I’m doing for today and tomorrow which is conducting a quick usability testing over Skype!

First, write your tasks and goals.

I did this in Google docs, and I simply wrote down what was my hypothesis for testing and what questions I was going to ask.

A more comprehensive overview of usability tests planning here:

Second, prepare the prototype.

I did my prototype over Axure and will be sending the link to participants so that they can open it on their browser and interact with it while I give them tasks and observe. They will share their screen with me over Skype so I can see what they are looking at.

Usability testing over Skype:

Third, record the testing.

In today’s scenario I will be using Skype and conducting a remote usability testing. Hence, I will use quicktime to record the video and audio of the testing. After which, I will play it to recap the main points I learnt during the testing. A quiet room with a good internet connection is a must!

Fourth, synthesise research!

Thereafter, I will write down comments based on the testing recording. These will be qualitative observations and more about the ‘WHY’ and not the ‘WHAT’. Eg. ‘WHY’ did the user not see this button and click it – because perhaps then button was not obvious enough?

Fifth, report.

Lastly, I will consolidate all the main points of the research and deliver the findings to my colleague. We will decide together what to do next based on the report, and if so, test again if changes are being implemented based on the results of the report.

Why I love usability testing

Personally, this is my favourite aspect of UX. I love hearing how people think about the design that I’m testing, because it’s always something new to me. I already have stared at it for quite a while and am deep in designer bias. Having a new pair of eyes look at it and help me take the design further is so refreshing! ❤

Upcoming this week

Below are some other topics I’m reading up on in preparation for the work for the next upcoming weeks.

Conducting a heuristic evaluation alongside user testing:

Feature prioritisation:

Product validation with research:

Content-first design:


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