A new beginning

Today marks the first day that I’m back at work as a UX designer after taking 10 weeks off to take a course in User Experience Design. *yay!*

One of my tasks today: Research into Hotjar and find out how to implement it into some of our existing projects. Let me just note down what I liked about the website, looking at it from a user’s perspective.


Clickable panels of their features – Tour page: https://www.hotjar.com/tour

I can click and scroll on the different features on the left and the screenshot will change accordingly on the right. Compared to a rolling animation or carousel, that’s pretty nifty because I can control the information that I’m reading about at my own pace. Interacting with their features helps me to remember it better as well.



Creating an Account – Set a Password

Even though it might seem obvious, I like that they tell me why I need to have a password to create an account (i.e. to sign in and access my data). Below the password field, it shows me what is still missing (ie. one special character) in order to proceed. The button text “Start Using Hotjar” is also clear and actionable and lets me know what to expect. On the right, more brand copy about Hotjar benefits makes me more certain and assured about “why” I’m even signing up in the first place.


Dashboard – After signing in

This is a pre-existing account that has been set up with Hotjar.

Last 24 Hour Activity acts like a control panel and overview of how I am doing with Hotjar. Looking at it lets me know at a glance what I have set up and what I haven’t. The inactive states like Recordings and Funnels are good because the link prompts me to set it up in a discreet manner that doesn’t distract from the overall visual hierarchy of the dashboard.

Recent User Activity lets me remember what I’ve done previously – because in the event I don’t sign into Hotjar often, I can easily remember what was done previously. This is important because I don’t feel lost.

This is just a cursory overview that I found inspirational today!


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